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Concept design

Concept design



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This concept for a native application was developed with the idea in mind that people too often are lavish with their products and often forgot about the date when they opened a product. This app is just an approach of a product vision and might be developed later on.

To understand my user context I would conduct user research to learn about my stakeholders. I would conduct on basis of quantitative and qualitative data methods the behavior of my target audience. The results would help me to make the right decision to create a good user experience. The personas should be created based on those facts. Usability tests are the right solutions to test iterations later on.


User goal

An app that users help about keeping an overview of their products and help to avoid frustrations and a better feeling by using the products.


Business goal

I would provide a free trial package for potential customers and offering beneficial features to catch 20% of users afterward as paid subscribers.


Sitemaps, Wireframes and Mock-ups


Concept-Art, adventure screens, character design